459 Balcombe RD
Beaumaris, VIC 3193
Phone: 03 9589 6677

Diner Review

Best Indian in Melbourne

Been here many times and beautiful meal every time! Love the butter chicken and nearly everything else.
– TJHo, JUN 20, 2011

Love this place!

What a wonderful place to dine. Food is absolutely delicious and the only negative is just how noisy it gets when the venue fills up and fill up it does! Many dining nights have been spent at this place and many takeaways have been devoured. I hadn't really enjoyed indian food before but our whole family are converts. I have recommended this restaurant to many friends and work colleagues and have even had our Christmas work lunch there, all say the same.....Best Indian food they've ever tasted!
– ChrisMcK, NOV 07, 2012

A trusted favourite

like other reviewers, I too can't believe so few people have bothered to click the 'like' button!
Having done the 'bhaji' test at various Indian places across Melbourne, I still love Zaika's onion bhaji's - nice mix of spices in generous patties of tasty deep fried onion goodnes!! My partner and I fight over the tamarind dipping sauce when eating bhajis.
The dishes are generous, comforting, and done in a very home-cooked style - that is, using nice chunks of good meat, well-seasoned and has depth of flavour. I recommend the chicken haryali, lamb vindaloo and vegetable pulao rice. Their chicken tikka is great too!
– zest, JUN 04, 2011

Great indian food and lovely service

We have had many meals at Zaika and have always enjoyed the food. The butter chicken is the best I have had anywhere. The owner is helpful and friendly and the service is very good. If you need gluten free food they are very helpful in recommending many options. Highly recommended.
– Grace, MAR 21, 2011

A favourite

The people that run this reataurant use traditional indian recipes many of her mothers!
I have not had a bad take away or eat in here, scumptious
– Andie, FEB 02, 2010

the BEST

My dad used to get us Zaika every sunday night when we were growing up! Now I have my own money and house I can go as many nights a week I like! Try anything with pumpkin and eggplant! and ALWAYS get extra raita! Its AMAZING! The woman there is so lovely!
– jayjay, AUG 01, 2011


"This authentic Sikh eatery is a cosy haunt … a treasure set in the Beaumaris shopping strip."
– Cheap Eats


"Curries … are superior to those at some of Melbourne's better-known Indian spots."
– The Age Good Food Guide

The Good Life, The Age

"An Indian restaurant that is hinting at future directions in Indian food."
– Thomas Hunter


One of the ten best restaurants in Beaumaris/Blackrock"
– The Age Epicure

The Melbourne Bay Side Weekly

"Grab a Tandoori meal or eat in and head towards the beach"
– Matt Preston

Leanne Tolra. The Weekly Review

Sunny Singh and his wife, Dimple, know their restaurant is hardly in an exotic location. But Beaumaris is home, the customers are loyal and their business is popular . . .
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Good Food, February 28, 2012

In an unassuming strip of Beaumaris service-lane shops sits this oasis of flavour, fragrance and flawless mainly north Indian cuisine. It's a family business, and the genuine hospitality is as warm as the complex and creamy Madras curry. Huge cubes of lamb collapse under the tenderising powers of slow-cooked velvety tomato, coconut and numerous spices. Even the everyday is transformed: golden naan is remarkably light, and tender chunks of deeply flavoured chicken tikka are memorable for all the right reasons. Glossy, black eggplant flecked with fresh coriander provides a sweet, vegetable foil. In Utopia, Zaika would be down the street from everyone.
Good Food


This well-presented restaurant has all the appearances of your standard good Indian eatery, with rich ochre walls contrasting with clean white linen. However, chef and owner Sunny Singh, who served under at Teage Ezard at Adelphi, brings flair and innovation to his menu. Classics are made with skill, but it is Singh's variations on this traditional fare that draws admiring attention.
- yourRestaurants